Current RLI subsidiaries include:


Belt Concepts

Spring Hope, NC

Belt Concepts of America manufactures premium quality, lightweight PVC conveyor belts out of its 150,000 square foot factory in Spring Hope, NC. The company is known for providing both standard and customized conveyor belting solutions for a wide variety of industries including food processing, package and baggage handling, recycling, and agriculture, among others. 

Pacific Press Technologies

Mount Carmel, IL

Pacific Press Technologies, Inc. designs, manufactures and markets a full line of medium and large tonnage hydraulic press brakes, shears, presses, and associated aftermarket parts and services.




East Berlin, CT

FENN is a premier designer and manufacturer of various metal forming machinery, including spring coilers, wire flattening & shaping equipment, swagers, turks heads, rolling mills, and drawbenches.



Five Points Film

Shelbyville, TN

Five Points Film, previously known as AB Stretch, is a manufacturer of machine and hand applied stretch film based in Shelbyville, TN. The company's products include a broad range of branded stretch films, as well as private label stretch films, used in the packaging and transportation of consumer and industrial products. 



Schlegel Specialty Products

Rochester, NY

Schlegel Specialty Products uses innovative textile and plastics to weave, form and manufacture a wide variety of components for office equipment, electronics and automotive parts.


Bold Renewables

Fort Collins, CO

Bold Renewables is a North American leader in the servicing of solar inverters, primarily supporting fields generating utility power.



Columbus, OH

MULTIPRESS designs, manufactures and markets a full line of custom, bench top, C-frame, and 4-column hydraulic presses and associated.


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